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Windmills Handling Equipment

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The handling of windmills from ship’s tackle to rest, within the terminal, to point of delivery has been the source of much deliberation. We have developed both efficient and economical Bogie System for transportation of windmill towers and blades.

Our bogie system, that can be adapted to all makes of brackets, consists of a Front Bogie with a gooseneck and Rear Rolling Support. The Front Bogie is made with swing saddle plate to ensure good maneuverability while the rear supporting bogies are made with fixed saddles as these work as “slave” bogies. The windmill components are attached to the bogies by either twist locks or by adjustable hydraulic hand pump operated clamps.

Standard yards hustlers undertake the shuttle activity. The number of bogies and hustlers required depends on your ability to create a constant “flow” under the ships’ gear to maximize efficiency.